Smart Contract Company

Imagine a world...

where you can share information seamlessly between any number of organizations, creating a perpetual record of origin, provenance and attributes and digitalise the ownership and user-access of real-world objects.
We build such worlds, and moreover allow the organizations to use the shared information to conclude agreements, contracts and transactions in a manner that is secure, simple, cost efficient and legally binding.

In association with

The Smart Conract Company (SCC) aims to be the leading competence centre in the Nordics for creating transactional distributed information environments.

Together with its partners Accenture and Procopé & Hornborg, it can bring to bear a comprehensive range of competencies, experience and resources.

Key SCC competencies include ecosystem development, business case modelling, technical architecture design, legal framework creation and implementation planning, project management and governance.

Operational implementations are done through the resources of our partners – that well stretch to facilitate even the widest and most demanding real-world applications.

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