Creating Trust

When there is perfect trust?

When there is perfect trust between parties, contracts can be simple, even ”word of mouth”. But when the interests at stake bcome more significant and the terms become more complex, these are codified into a formal agreement.

In a common agreement, drafted in natural language, the respective rights and responsibilities are defined in a manner that is easily interpretable and enforceable by law. But when an agreement is recast into executable computer code, known as a smart contract, an additional challenge is introduced: does the code match the intent of the agreeing parties?

Solving this smart-contract-trust-challenge requires in-depth understanding of underlying business, technical and legal frameworks as well as the code itself.

The Smart Contract Company acts as a smart contract facilitator with necessary competences in the required fields.

We create understandable natural language contracts and deliver trust that the intent is correctly reflected in the coded version.  Our expertise allows parties to capture the benefits of smart contracts whilst able to trust that they deliver the intended outcomes.

When signed digitally they also become enforceable by law, if or as needed.

Legal Competence

Contracts that match intent and are enforceable

Technology Leadership

Large scale technical implementations that make abstract possibilities real

Business Relevance

Solutions that resolve business needs and create value