The Team

The people and the competencies that create trust


Sasu Ristimäki


Sasu is a former banker turned entrepreneur; a writer, crypto-economist, and an expert on business models and modelling businesses. He comes with significant experience of launching new ventures as well as working in and with global-scale blue chip enterprises.

Janne Jutila


Janne has a long background in new business development in various international ICT contexts, and had been responsible multiple new business launches. He is also one of the leading digital identity specialists in Europe.

Petri Kyllönen

Lead legal partner

Petri has 20 years of experience in practicing domestic and international business law both as an attorney and as an in-house counsel. He specializes in corporate and contract law and focuses most of his work on mergers & acquisitions, private equity, venture capital and real estate transactions. Petri embodies the SCC culture with a business-oriented and hands-on approach.

Asta Salo

Legal partner

Asta is an associate at Procopé & Hornborg and an expert in technology related legal matters and has a background in computer science.  She specializes in matters related to data protection and privacy, especially EU General Data Protection Regulation compliance.

Jukka Myllyaho

Lead technology partner

Jukka is a technology consulting executive at Accenture, leading the Finnish Capital Markets practice and working with blockchain engagement. Jukka has 15+ years of experience of Financial Services and has been working on blockchain projects the past four years.

Rosa Siliämaa

Technology partner

Rosa is a technology consulting analyst at Accenture. She has been studying blockchain based governance protocols and is currently finalizing her Master’s thesis on this topic.