Solutions to everyday needs

Simplifying everyday actions

Transacting with digital renderings of real life assets

Smart contracts allow us to digitize real world assets in a non-proprietary environment that is open to multiple interested parties.

We can then futher digitally assign rights of ownership or use, or conversely any obligations related to such assets.

Or digitally commit to and certify performance related to the assets.

Creating information flow across multiple parties

Ecosystems are built on information sharing

An ecosystem involves multiple parties that need to contribute access to their data, but in real-life will not share their data. A distributed information environment allows all parties to retain ownership and control over their proprietary information assets, but with access to the data made selectively available to other system participants.

With smart contracts we create an additional ability for the parties to tranasact with each other, on the basis of the shared data. The distributed information environment becomes also a distributed transaction environment.

This simplifies processes, cuts out the costs of intermediaries, creates transparency and enables new levels of interaction.